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Our Vegan Blend is sweetened with an all natural Stevia. Low in fats and high in Protein. It contains all your branched amino acids including Isoleucine, Valine, Arginine and Lysine. It also boasts 22g of quality protein with a low amount of Carbohydrates. Very easy to mix and tastes amazing! 

It comes in our infamous Airtight Glass Jars which are made in Italy. Perfect to complete the look of your kitchen top or even in the pantry for storage. No more bulky plastic jars you’ll need to throw away!



Salted Caramel

Creamy Coconut

Double Chocolate

 Amino Acid Profile
Essential Aminos Per 30g (1 Serve) Per 100g
L-Isoleucine 1394mg 4647mg
Leucine 2599mg 8662mg
Valine 1624mg 5412mg
Lysine 2054mg 6846mg
Methionine 448mg 1495mg
Phenylalanine 1719mg 5728mg
Threonine 1195mg 3984mg
Tryptophan 304mg 1013mg
Non Essential Aminos Per 30g (1 Serve) Per 100g
Histidine 772mg 2573mg
Alanine 1395mg 4649mg
Arginine 2693mg 8978mg
Aspartic Acid 3418mg 11394mg
Cystine 318mg 1062mg
Glutamic Acid 5308mg 17694mg
Glycine 1294mg 4314mg
Proline 1420mg 4732mg
Serine 1616mg 5386mg
Tyrosine 1252mg 4172mg

What is The Vegan Blend made from?

Our unique protein is made from Pea and Rice Isolate.

Can The Vegan Blend cause Bloating?

Most people find that they experience far less bloating and digestive issues with The Vegan Blend compared to whey. Vegan proteins are often hypoallergenic and easy to digest. Your body won’t have to work as hard breaking down weird ingredients because there aren’t any!

How does The Vegan Blend taste?

It has a different texture to Whey protein so it may taste different if you have been using Whey before. If you have been already been taking Vegan protein for a while, our customers tell us it's amazing.

Does The Vegan Blend contain a lot of fat?

As you can see in the ingredients, it does not. As well as a low-carb intake also. This will help reduce bloating and an increase in fat loss. 

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Gwen M.
Australia Australia
Really suits me

The Vegan blend mixes well, tastes good & leaves me feeling full & energetic. Really like this product as it makes weight loss easier !

A Nutra Fresh Customer
Naomi B.
Australia Australia
I love it!!

I love this vegan protein powder and will keep purchasing it for my post workouts. I love the taste and love how it makes me feel. Plus it gives me assurance knowing I’m giving all my body the nutrients I need after my workouts

Kate H.
Australia Australia
So delicious

This is by far my favourite protein powder of all time! It’s not grainy and it tastes delicious. My whole family love it.

A Nutra Fresh Customer
Naomi B.
Australia Australia
It’s a win win!!

This is my go to protein post workout shake every time I do my workouts. I love the flavour and how it tastes. I am so happy that I think this is my 4th or 5th order. And I’ve put my hubby onto it too. It tastes delicious, fuels my body after, and it’s plant based. Honestly it’s a win win in my opinion!

A Nutra Fresh Customer
Naomi B.
Australia Australia
Thank you again!!

I think this is my 4th order I've put through at Nutra fresh. And to my surprise I also won a gift card with you recently! Honestly I can't thank you enough. I love the taste and how my body feels after I drink my shake, after my workouts. So I'm a very happy customer and and will continue to purchase this vegan powder :))